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It’s Not Too Late to Get AC Maintenance

If you’ve forgotten to get AC maintenance and you’ve already started worrying about repairs for the summer, we’d like to let you in on a little industry secret. Sure, maintenance during the springtime might be better in general, but it really doesn’t matter when you get your AC tuned-up as much as it matters that you get it done at all. AC maintenance is a vital tool for combatting a system’s old age, problems that will arise in the future, and increasing efficiency levels.

The problem we encounter more often with homeowners is not that they had maintenance performed on their air conditioner at the wrong time, it’s that they forgot to have it performed at all. This means that when your AC repair in Cherry Hill, NJ is much more expensive than you thought it would be, it’s because your system hasn’t been maintained properly.

So, let’s avoid that with maintenance today.

How Does Maintenance Work?

For those homeowners that might be a little embarrassed from having missed AC maintenance over the past few years, welcome to the club! Air conditioning maintenance is a great way to lessen the strain on your system and reduce the number of repairs that might come in the future. AC technicians actually perform minor repairs on the system when they tune it up, so you even get the added benefit of minor fixes and adjustments while a professional is working.

Timing Is Everything

AC maintenance isn’t just about having it done and you feeling better, it’s routine maintenance. Routine means it must be done regularly, once per year is our recommended amount, and anything less than this is just going to lead to problems. That’s because routine maintenance is mostly preventative. It’s all about preventing problems that will occur in the future, like getting a check-up at the doctor’s office, or sending your car in for an oil change. The longer you wait between maintenance appointments, the more likely it is that an expensive repair need will pop up right when you least expect it.

Mitigate Repairs

Let’s say your air conditioner is starting to leak refrigerant, which is a problem that often plagues AC systems. You might notice a slight dip in your AC’s effectiveness, or a slight rise in your AC bills, but it’s not an obvious sign that your system is suffering from a pretty maintainable problem. Over time, the less attention that’s paid to your air conditioner, the more likely it is to give you headaches and eventually break down or require an expensive repair. With routine maintenance appointments every year, you can have a trained professional check the refrigerant levels of the system, as well as the other components, and notice when there’s something wrong.

Schedule Maintenance Today

Seriously, don’t think you’re the only homeowner in the world whose air conditioner will be fine without maintenance. Too many homeowners make that mistake, only to pay exorbitant prices later on for a repair that could have been almost entirely avoided. Our team provides a sensible checklist for maintenance that gives us a thorough examination of how your AC is doing.

Call the team at Ambient Comfort today for exceptional AC services.

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