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How Do I Know If I Need to Replace My AC?

Replacement and repair are two different solutions for a similar problem. There’s something wrong with your air conditioner, but the solution to that problem is going to differ depending on many different things.

For instance, if your air conditioner is in rough shape but is a recent piece of technology that was installed only a few years ago, then a repair is likely the right choice. However, for an air conditioning installation in Atlantic County that was botched or set up two decades ago, no amount of repairs will get it to work like a modern system.

So, the choice is ultimately up to you. But we can help you figure out which choice, between repair or replacement, is the most cost-effective option. For our customers in Longport, Margate City, and Somers Point, our team is the one to call for these services.

Signs of a Replacement

In order for you to understand when replacement is necessary (since it’s the most expensive when choosing between repair or replacement), we need to talk about the major reasons to choose it. Here are some examples.

Old Age

This is just an easy way to know if your system needs to be replaced. No matter what, even if it works properly, a system that’s 15 years old or older should be replaced. This is for a lot of different reasons, but overall you’ll see a better return of investment in the future if you replace your old AC now.


Efficiency is a metric that greatly impacts your life. For instance, if your 10-year-old AC still works great, but it runs at a 20% efficiency deficit compared to other modern AC systems, you’re going to be paying 20% more for energy on a monthly basis. This is simply unacceptable at a certain point.

Upgrading your air conditioner to a system that’s more modern and high-efficiency will net you more savings on a monthly basis, while using less energy overall.

Frequent or Expensive Repairs

Frequent or expensive repairs are unacceptable, especially if you have a tight budget. They could end up breaking the bank and shifting things in your life that you’d rather keep intact. A new AC replacement is much less likely to run into expensive fixes or frequent repairs because the components are new and have a lot of life left in them.

A Botched Installation

Did you have a bad experience getting your AC installed initially? Perhaps you hired a family friend who had a spare AC unit, and the installation ended up being a nightmare. Or, maybe you worked with a company last time that you didn’t trust.

Unfortunately, time only goes forward, and we can’t go back to undo the mistakes that were made. A botched installation is a botched installation. However, what we can do is replace the system in its entirety and get you back on the right track. Replacement is one of the only solutions for a botched installation, but it will remedy all of the problems all at once.

Contact Ambient Comfort to have your AC replaced or repaired by a team you trust.

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