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Getting The Most from Your Air Conditioner

Getting The Most from Your Air Conditioner

Controlling the thermostat in extreme heat can be a lively topic of family debate. But changing the dial constantly can wreak havoc on your home cooling system and lead to increased utility bills.

Industry experts tend to agree that consistency pays off in the short and long runs. A recommended stable setting of 78 degrees F is the standard recommended thermostat setting for summer cooling. Being consistent with cooling use also keeps the indoor humidity level low, leading to increased comfort. The less humidity in your indoor air, the easier it is on your air conditioner, which has to work harder to remove indoor moisture levels.

Adding Fans to the Mix

Fans, especially ceiling fans, can be useful supplements to your home cooling system as they help circulate the cool air and can also diffuse warm air produced when you cook. And don’t forget to use the exhaust fan to draw heat from your kitchen stove and oven, as well as regularly using the bathroom exhaust fan to draw humidity and moisture out of the air following showers.

Keeping Heat at Bay

There are simple actions you can take during extreme summer heat that will help maximize your cooling system and save on utility bills. Keep unwanted heat at bay by closing curtains and shades to penetrating sunlight. Decrease the amount of heat generated by major appliance, such as the clothes washer and dryer and dish washer. Give your clothes dryer a break by hanging laundry out on a line when you can and come home to sun-dried and fresh smelling clothes! Wash your clothes and run the dishwasher during off peak usage hours at night, when outdoor temperatures have dropped. Home lighting can also increase your indoor temperature, so use conservatively. Instead of turning on the oven, head outside and grill dinner.

Maintenance Counts

Prevention is always the best course when it comes to mechanical systems. Having regular maintenance service and checks on your cooling system keeps it running efficiently and can help diagnose potential issues before they become costly problems. Make sure to have your unit checked before you turn your cooling system on for the season. Placing the outdoor unit in a shaded area can help and keeping the area free of debris is a good preventive measure. Neglecting your air conditioner can compromise its efficiency by 5% each year, decreasing its life span and increasing your energy bills.

If you live in South Jersey, including Gloucester, Burlington and Camden counties, extending to many shore points, Ambient Comfort in Vineland has you covered when it comes to cooling systems. We offer installation, repair and maintenance on a wide variety of brands, as well as emergency services. Call our experts today at (856) 213.6586 to determine how we can meet your specific cooling requirements.

Contact Ambient Comfort in Vineland, New Jersey, for service: 856-213-6586. We provide emergency services in South Jersey.

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