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3 Benefits of Using a Smart Thermostat

Have you recently invested in new technology that’s completely changed your perspective on things? Many of our customers tell us about their smart technology, like responsive Bluetooth speakers that can play any of their music by listening to their request, and they wish there were something like that for their HVAC system. Well, thereĀ is something like that for your HVAC system, and we’d like to talk about it today.

Smart thermostats represent one of those amazing technological advancements that homeowners aren’t as exposed to as they should be. Nifty speakers and televisions hog up all the airtime during TV commercials and online ads, but smart thermostats definitely deserve some praise as well!

We want to try and show you just how much of a difference a smart thermostat in Gloucester County can make. Keep reading, and if you live in Logan, South Harrison, or East Greenwich, you should call us for your very own smart thermostat installation!

It Keeps Things Efficient

Efficiency is one of the most important factors of an air conditioning machine. If you can lower the amount of energy it consumes to cool your home by a fraction, then you’ll be saving a ton of money per month. However, efficiency is hard to achieve with an old thermostat that doesn’t do anything aside from turn the system on or off.

Smart thermostats have measuring devices that can literally tell you how much energy your system is consuming. They help homeowners map out their comfort preferences and they’ll keep a record of all the temperature and energy settings in your home so you can know exactly how much your energy bill will be.

Smart Thermostats Are Convenient

Convenience really is key, even if many homeowners don’t hold it as the top priority. Being able to control your HVAC system from your bedside table is an amazing new way of dealing with your home HVAC system. Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats can be activated from work or a vacation destination, and your family can even operate the system from their own rooms.

Remember those days when you were sore from doing a home renovation project or a workout, and you didn’t want to walk downstairs to change the thermostat? Well, now you don’t have to. Just do it on your phone!

They Help Your Home Remain Comfortable

Isn’t it such a pain to get home from work and wait for your heating system to get to the level it’s supposed to during the winter? Or, during the summer, if you’ve left your air conditioner off for a vacation, it can be really uncomfortable to wait for your AC to start up again. Well, a smart or Wi-Fi-connected thermostat is going to make things a lot easier for you.

Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats can be activated from anywhere you have internet access on your smartphone. While you’re sitting in traffic waiting to get home, or possibly when you’re on the plane back from your vacation, you can turn on the air conditioner remotely so your home is a comfortable sanctuary upon your arrival.

Looking to upgrade your thermostat? Get in touch with Ambient Comfort today! Also, check out our new thermostat deals!

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