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3 Benefits of a High Efficiency HVAC System

Summertime temperatures are beating down on us at this point, and it’s becoming clear that our air conditioners are the first line of defense! Heatwaves are springing up all over the country and electricity prices are starting to go up as demand peaks for energy usage. This isn’t anything new, and the good news in this situation is that there’s a solution out there for homeowners who are struggling.

Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes, but many of them also come with different energy efficiency ratings. If you’re looking into purchasing an AC installation in Camden County, NJ, then we’ve got some info we’d like to share with you. We’ll talk about three unique benefits that come from high-efficiency systems and explain the SEER rating a little more clearly so you can make a smart choice.

SEER Ratings: What They Stand for

Let’s start with the basics. Every air conditioner is measured in a SEER rating (while heat pumps are measured in an HSPF rating). SEER stands forĀ seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and it’s basically a measurement of how much energy your system needs to consume in order to cool air to a certain temperature, measured in British Thermal Units (or BTUs). The higher the SEER or HSPF rating is on your prospective new AC purchase, the more energy-efficient it will be!

Keep this information in mind when looking at a new system installation in Cherry Hill, Voorhees, or Haddon Heights.

The Benefits of a High SEER System

When compared to your old, outdated AC unit, a high-efficiency air conditioner could be a huge leg up. Here are some great benefits that come from investing in a new, high-efficiency AC installation.

Achieve Lower Energy Bills

When an air conditioner has a higher SEER rating, it uses less energy to provide the amount of cooling your home needs. This means your monthly energy bill is going to be lower. This adds up year after year and eventually, you’ll see savings down the line that can help you invest in the important parts of life.

These Systems Are Better for the Environment

The more energy we use these days, the higher our carbon footprint is. This means we’re contributing to the climate crisis. By utilizing high-efficiency air conditioning equipment, you’re minimizing your energy consumption and therefore lessening your carbon footprint when compared to the rest of our community. If everyone were to invest in high-efficiency equipment, we’d see a substantial decrease in energy consumption and our carbon footprint!

Experience Better Comfort

High efficiency doesn’t just relate to energy usage and your utility bills. It also means that a high-efficiency air conditioner is more powerful, because it requires less energy to cool the air more effectively.

If your AC is old or outdated, then you could be compromising your indoor temperatures. Older air conditioners struggle to meet cooling demands while consuming more energy than usual. A new, high-efficiency air conditioner can meet both your cooling demands and your energy budget demands.

Call Ambient Comfort today to see which high-efficiency systems we have available for installation!

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