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How to Tell If Your Air Quality System Is Working

Air quality systems are very different from the rest of your HVAC system. With a heater, for example, it is quite obvious when it’s malfunctioning or running correctly. Your chattering teeth will clue you into the fact that your heating system isn’t working. Likewise, when it’s warm and cozy on a chilly night, you’ll be confident knowing that it’s working exactly as it should.

But an air quality system like an air purifier is a bit less obvious when it comes to seeing if it’s working as intended. Sure, you can call us for indoor air quality services in Buena Vista, NJ, but how do you know that you need them? What are the signs that your air filters or air purification systems are working properly?

Now you’re asking the right questions! Keep reading to learn how you might tell if your air quality system is working correctly.

When Your Air Purifier Is Working

Air purifiers are found commonly in homes these days, working hard to eliminate germs like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. This is a big job that’s important for protecting your family, so how can you tell that it’s working as intended?

It’s simple! Think about the amount of times you’ve been sick and how you’ve felt over the past few years since your system’s installation. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors how they feel when they walk into your home and if they ever leave with the sniffles. You’ll get a wide variety of answers (and some people might be afraid to tell you the truth), but if all signs point to inhabitants in your home feeling comfortable and healthy, then your air purifier is working. But if sniffles are abound in your household, it might not be doing the job.

When Your Air Filter Is Working

Without an air filter in your home, your air could be dusty, dirty, and filled with contaminants that make things uncomfortable. The term “stuffy air” is literally what we say to describe this kind of experience.

So, think about the opposite if you’re worried about your air filter working. Take a deep breath and see how it feels. Examine the air of your home as the sunlight hits it when you wake up in the morning. Do you see or feel a lot of dust or particles wafting through the air? Then the filtration system is likely not working.

Otherwise, if your home feels fresh and comfortable to be in, then your air filter is working as intended.

When Things Aren’t Working

So, what do you do when the results of your test yield inadequate results? Perhaps you’re not satisfied with the power of your air purifier or you’ve got stuffy air even with an air filtration system. These are all great reasons to get your existing air quality devices repaired by a team of licensed professionals. Our team can repair, maintain, and even replace your old air quality systems depending on how much wear and tear we see.

Schedule an assessment today with the experts at Ambient Comfort.

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