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Ambient Comfort’s Springtime Maintenance Checklist

Even though cold temperatures are still running in and out of our area, spring is here and the heat is only a couple months away. These next few weeks are going to be crucial because they’re the perfect time to get things done while temperatures are mild, including HVAC maintenance in Buena Vista, NJ.

Maintenance is a peculiar service. It’s not as popular as installation or repairs, since people don’t call for it during emergencies. But it’s just as vital as all of them and sometimes can give you better results than an emergency repair. Maintenance helps to keep your technology running in good shape, allowing for components to be cleaned, inspected, fixed, and adjusted.

Couple this service with your own best practices and you could stand to save a lot of money this year by avoiding repairs and staying more comfortable at home.

Where to Start?

If your head is spinning from what we mentioned at the beginning of this blog—don’t worry. AC maintenance can seem like a complicated topic, but it’s quite simple. Down below we’ve divided this blog into two distinct categories.

The first category is professional maintenance, which is something you just schedule with our team and that we provide. This tunes your system up to a level where it can perform optimally and efficiently, giving you the best comfort and lowest utility bills possible.

Then, we’ll talk about some best practices that you can do right now to facilitate your AC system’s operation.

Investing in Maintenance

Professional maintenance is key to a long-lasting system. We often talk about the lifespan of an air conditioner being 10–15 years, but there’s a massive caveat to this claim. This number includes yearly maintenance when compared to a neglected system that barely makes it eight years before it needs to be retired.

Scheduling maintenance is simple. You call our team and tell us you’re interested in joining our maintenance program. Then, we’ll schedule your first appointment. We can also talk to you about some financial perks that come with the program, as well as the benefits (like better efficiency, operation, and comfort).

When a technician arrives at your home to provide maintenance, you can even ask them about the details while they’re helping you out. Maintenance appointments are very relaxed since there’s no emergency problem, so our technicians are happy to talk to you while it’s being done.

Things You Can Do Right Now

What can you do while you wait for maintenance? Here are a few tips.

  • Change out the air filter to ensure your system is prepared for when it’s needed.
  • Unblock your air vents so that your home can enjoy maximum airflow.
  • Clean around your HVAC system so a technician has an easier time accessing it when they arrive for maintenance.
  • Investigate additional options for your home, like air purifiers to help deal with odors, or an air filter to make your home’s air feel less stuffy.

From start to finish, you can trust Ambient Comfort to walk you through your next AC maintenance appointment.

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