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Do You Need an Air Filtration System?

Filters are an important aspect of our lives as human beings. We filter our water, we filter some of our food, and we even filter our air. There are many components like these that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and air filters are one of them! The biggest obstacle to having air filtered in your home is making the decision to invest in one in the first place.

Do you need an air filtration system? Yes, absolutely!

Air filtration is one of those helpful HVAC services in Burlington County that can provide demonstrable benefits to your comfort and health. By filtering out things like dust, pet dander, dirt, and other contaminants that otherwise cycle through your air, you’re improving the indoor air quality of your home.

Not convinced? Let’s talk about how an air filtration system works and why you might want one!

Air Filtration in Burlington County, NJ

You can just go outside and take a breath of fresh air whenever you want, right? What’s the point of filtering your indoor air? Well, by understanding just how airtight our homes are and how much time we spend indoors, it can be pretty eye-opening when you realize just how important a system like this might be. Let us explain.

How Air Filtration Works

Homes are built to be airtight these days. This is not by accident. When winter comes and temperatures drop, it’s important to keep that warm air inside and have temperatures remain cozy and comfortable. Likewise, in the summertime, conditioned air needs to be able to stay in your home to keep you cool and protect you from the scorching temperatures outside. With your home’s increased ability to keep air inside, it unfortunately also keeps contaminants inside as well. As air gets recycled over and over, the same contaminants like dust and dirt also get recycled through your air. That’s where the idea of “stuffy” air comes from, it feels like your air is stuffed with particles that you just can’t get rid of!

An air filtration system, depending on its thickness, can simply catch all the airborne particles above a certain size and pull them out of your breathable air. This means dust, hair, pet dander, mold spores, bugs, and anything else that might be causing you distress. When matched with a humidity control system and proper air conditioning or heating, your home can feel like an oasis.

The Benefits of Filtered Air

When your air is filtered you can breathe easier. There will be fewer triggers for asthma and sensitive respiratory systems. You’ll find yourself sneezing and coughing less, due to less irritants in the air. Your air conditioner and heater will run better since the air is clearer and there’s more airflow that goes through the system.

We could talk for hours about how helpful an air filtration system can be—but only a homeowner has the final say. Just remember what we’ve talked about the next time you’re feeling ill or like you can’t breathe in your own home. There are solutions to your problem and we can be the team to help.

Call our helpful professionals at Ambient Comfort to be set up with an air filtration system today!

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