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Top AC Problems in Our Area

Air conditioner problems heavily depend on the area where the AC is being used. Our northern neighbors might not need as much help with failing air conditioners as they do with heaters. Down here, air conditioning services in Cherry Hill, NJ are absolutely necessary. Think about how hot and muggy it has been lately!

Our community would be miserable without the help of our air conditioners. We’d be surprised if there’s been a home in our area that hasn’t needed to use their system at least a few times this week. That being said, high usage causes a few concerns for air conditioner owners.

Air conditioners in Camden County that are used as much as ours tend to run into similar problems. Let’s talk about what some of those problems are and where a team of professionals like us can help. Keep reading!

Cherry Hill, NJ Warm Weather Problems

When you use your air conditioner as much as we do, there are some things to keep in mind. Without the knowledge of how an AC works and what practices could be bad for it, you’re in for more complicated and expensive repairs in the future.

Correct Temperature Control

Many homeowners get home after a long day of work and instantly turn their thermostat to a low number. Some people even turn their temperature reading down to 60 degrees while the sun is keeping everything much much hotter than that outside. This is a bad practice.

Your air conditioner can’t really make your home any cooler than 20 degrees below the outside temperature. That usually isn’t an issue, since a 70-degree house when it’s 90 degrees outside is usually comfortable for homeowners. It’s just in that moment when you’ve come from outside that you might have the urge to set temperatures lower because you think it will cool things down faster. This isn’t the case. In fact, turning your air conditioner down too low will only make it work harder and will have minimal results.

Change the Air Filter

You wouldn’t believe how many people we bump into in the Cherry Hill area who don’t change their AC’s air filter. It’s not because they’re too lazy, many times they think their air is clean enough that they just don’t need to. This should never be the case.

Your air might be clean, but that only buys a little bit more time between air filter cleanings. Every air filter needs to be changed, and it’s not just for air quality purposes. A clogged air filter will make it much harder for your air conditioner to keep your home cool. It has to work harder to get airflow. Your system is essentially working as it’s being stifled, which is not good. Change your air filter every one to three months regardless of how clean your air is.

Call Us For AC Service in Cherry Hill, NJ

The worst thing you can do as an air conditioner owner is not call us when there’s a problem. Too many homeowners think “it’s still working, why would I call for repairs?” Think about how your air conditioner is working. If it’s not working up to your standards, it’s time for a professional to take a look. If you’re looking for AC repair in Camden County, NJ, we’ve got you covered!

Ambient Comfort can help. Give us a call today.

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