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Why Is My Heater Making Noises

Heaters are not supposed to make noise. No, this isn’t dependent on the type of furnace you have, from boilers to ductless heat pumps, they’re all supposed to operate relatively quietly. That’s why these sounds are so important to notice—they can clue you in on a sinister problem that’s starting to develop within your heater.

So, if you’re a homeowner that’s trying to mitigate problems and you’d like to make sure your heater is working in prime condition, take a look at the types of sounds that heaters make below and see if any of them sound familiar. While there’s not much a homeowner can do about a noisy heater, a team of professionals is more than able to treat the problem at the lowest possible cost.

Remember, if you notice one of these sounds and you need heating repair in Mount Laurel, NJ give our team a call today.

Common Heater Noises

While we might mention a few noises you could potentially be hearing, these aren’t all of the noises possible for a heater to make. Even if you don’t necessarily find your heater’s noise here, that doesn’t mean your heater is fine. Any noise is a bad noise, and you should always contact our team of professionals if you’re hearing unpleasant sounds.


A booming furnace is nothing to mess around with. If you hear the sound of what seems like a small explosion coming from your heater, that’s exactly what’s happening. Usually, when a gas furnace’s burners get dirty, the grime obscures the gas pipe, which eventually leads to delayed ignition. This means gas will start pooling in your combustion chamber until it all lights at once in a little explosion, causing the booming noise. This is a pretty nasty problem that needs to be addressed because those small explosions can create a crack in your heat exchanger and lead to a gas or carbon monoxide leak.


This is an obvious problem that most homeowners can easily detect. A rattling heater usually signifies that something is loose inside the system. Whether it’s a loose screw or a panel, this can begin as something benign that eventually compounds into a terrible problem. A rattling screw will hit something else that could come loose as well, or it could crack your heat exchanger and eventually cause similar problems that we listed above.

Squealing or Screeching

Squealing or screeching is a pretty self-explanatory noise, but it can still be a problem that should be addressed. This is usually the result of a belt inside the blower motor being damaged or loose. Since these belts are rubber, they tend to make a screeching noise while they begin to fail. Again, this isn’t a terrible problem from the getgo, but it will eventually compound into worse issues that could eventually lead to heater failure.

Notice a trend here? If you don’t have a team of professionals pay close attention to your system when you notice a noise, problems are likely to compound and eventually become more expensive to deal with. Nip these issues in the bud now and call us.

Call the team at Ambient Comfort today for your heater repair.

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