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What Happens When You Skip Your Heater Maintenance

This isn’t Star Trek. There aren’t ten engineers wearing red shirts all taking care of your heater while you get to spend the rest of your time hosting your folks for the holidays. Heaters work quietly, in the dark, and alone most of the time where they’re out of sight and out of mind. This means that heater maintenance goes overlooked more often than we’d like.

When heaters work quietly through the night, it can be hard to think about maintenance until the moment you’re calling a professional for heating repair in Gloucester County because your house is freezing. Wouldn’t you like to avoid getting to that point? Heater maintenance keeps us feeling good and your heater from showing some of the more insidious signs of repair that we’ve listed below.

Hopefully, you’ll think twice about skipping maintenance this year!

Efficiency, Comfort, and Safety

You’re going to want to focus on these three points when you’re considering skipping heater maintenance. A check-up on your heating system can guarantee that your system is 100% efficient, comfortable, and safe, when working in your home.


Without heater maintenance, your heater will lose efficiency pretty drastically. While you could keep it semi-efficient by changing the air filters on your own, the system itself requires more than just an air filter change every few months. Ball bearings need to be lubricated, leaks need to be sealed, belts need to be replaced, and more! When one of these components of your heater lags behind the others, your system will begin consuming more fuel to compensate. This ends up costing you money in the long run!


A well-maintained heater can provide you ample comfort in your home. If you don’t have your system tuned-up every year, you might start to notice cold spots or areas where there’s no airflow. Heaters are complicated and there are many parts that work together to make sure the entirety of your home is heated. While it’s easy to take that for granted, eventually you’ll notice these cold spots and they will decrease your quality of life. Keep your heater and your home happy with maintenance.


Whether you’ve got a gas furnace, gas boiler, or any type of heater—these systems can be safety hazards if they’re not maintained accordingly. While burning natural gas is safe, affordable, and convenient, it still involves the combustion process in your home. That means you’ve got a burning fire beneath your house.

If you’ve read the news then you most likely know about carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks. While these are rare occurrences and there are detectors that can help you notice these problems, they can still be dangerous and even fatal if they’re not addressed accordingly. Have your heater maintained to make sure there are no leaks, dirty burners, exhaust problems, or anything else that might endanger you and your family.

Ambient Comfort is the team to call if you’re concerned about your heating system. If you’re looking for heating maintenance, call our professional team today.

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