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What Exactly Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Do?

You’ve heard us talk about smart and Wi-Fi thermostats a lot on this blog, mainly as an upgrade option. But you probably haven’t heard us mention some of the more abstract benefits from this kind of technology. It’s true that Wi-Fi thermostats are more convenient to operate, but sometimes convenience also comes hand-in-hand with better operation, efficiency, and more benefits that you can take advantage of. This blog post is going to focus on these three benefits for customers.

  • Convenient operation and faster updates.
  • Control from anywhere and everywhere.
  • A detailed look at your HVAC technology.

With an upgrade like this, we’re certain that you’ll be better off in the long run. Just make sure you contact a professional for a smart thermostat in Salem County, especially if you’ve got an old, analog thermostat that’s been in need of an upgrade for decades.

Convenience at Every Step

First and foremost, the biggest shock to new homeowners when they upgrade to a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat is that they can operate it from their smartphones. It sounds like it’s too good to be true, but it’s really not.

This means that if you’ve gotten wind of a warm day at home while you’re on vacation or at the office, you can turn the heat down and save a few bucks on your heating bill down the line. Or, if there’s an incoming snowstorm and you want to be prepared, maybe turn the temperature up a couple of degrees so it’s warm and cozy when you get home. Anything is possible!

Control Can Be a Major Boon

Control doesn’t just make your life easier, it helps ease stress and the burden on your system. If you take a couple of days of vacation but you leave your pets at home, you’re going to want to make sure that you meticulously set the temperature on the thermostat correctly. And, if something changes, you have total control of your HVAC system from anywhere.

Also, just having this quick access means you’ll be a lot more likely to pay closer attention to the temperature at home, which is bound to keep things more efficient in the long run.

An Upgrade That Makes a Difference

You’ve never had a friend like me!

No, your thermostat is not going to jump up and start singing songs and granting you wishes (although that would be pretty incredible). But having a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat is kind of like having a genie in your pocket that can do much more than turn the heat up or down!

If you’re upgrading from an old analog thermostat or even an old digital thermostat, then you’re really in for a treat. Newer thermostats can tell you a lot about your HVAC system, from how much fuel it consumes, to if there are any problems that are causing it to malfunction. Depending on the kind of thermostat you invest in, you can even get a smart thermostat model that can be programmed with specific settings on days when you’re home or away.

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