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Should You Go Ductless?

Young Happy Woman Sitting On Couch Operating Air Conditioner With Remote Control At HomeWe do hope that you are not reading this right now because your heating system broke down and you need a new heater, like yesterday. But if you are, we still encourage you to read this post, since we never advise anyone to rush into a heating system purchase. We understand the temptation to do so, especially if you’re desperate to get that comfort back. But carefully planning your next comfort system purchase now can save you a lot of money in the long run.

You may have already heard some of the benefits of ductless heating, and what we want to do is share some of the economical benefits of using a ductless system for both your heating and you cooling needs. Be sure to keep the following information in mind, and remember to schedule your installation services with our team if you decide to go with this type of system.

How Is Going Ductless Different?

Well, it’s different in many ways. The short answer to this is that a ductless system is a heat pump. Heat pump technology is very similar to a standard, split air conditioner, but there is one very important caveat. The refrigerant process that provides effective cooling in the summer can be reversed to provide efficient warmth in the winter time. Keep reading to learn more, and see just how going ductless can save you—save you money, that is!

Heat Transfer: We’ll start with this key benefit, because it truly is the biggest player in the efficiency game when it comes to ductless systems, and is probably the characteristic that most homeowners are familiar with. A ductless system, as we mentioned above, is essentially a heat pump, meaning it can reverse its mode of operation.

During the summer, refrigerant liquid is evaporated into gas in the indoor components, and then condensed outside to release heat from your home. In the winter, though, the refrigerant liquid is evaporated in the outdoor coil, and condensed indoors, to release heat into your home. This means it is transferring heat, rather than generating heat like a furnace does. This in and of itself saves a significant amount of energy, and subsequent money.

Zone Control: Yes, zone control systems can be installed into ducted air conditioning and furnace systems to break up your home into different temperatures zones. But this type of retrofitting is not recommended as zone dampers are best installed when the entire system is installed.

Fortunately, with a ductless system this type of zoned heating and cooling is inherent. The individual blowers—air handlers—used by the ductless system are all controlled independently of each other. This means you can set different temperatures in different areas of your home without the need for any upgrades or retrofitting to your current heating and cooling systems. Conditioning your home more thoughtfully like this can really add up in terms of energy savings.

No Air Leaks: Last but not least, with a ductless system, you never have to worry about losing conditioned air from damaged ductwork. In fact, did you know you may be losing up to 30% of the air you’re paying for through breached ducts? Never worry about this wasted money again when you go ductless!

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