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Is Your Furnace Running Efficiently?

We don’t expect you to be able to answer that question right away. In fact, most homeowners have no idea how efficiently their system is running at all, mainly because as long as it gets the job done, what’s the point of noticing how efficient it is?

Unfortunately, when it comes to furnace repair in Mercer County, NJ we’re going to need to make sure your system is running efficiently. An inefficient heater is more prone to repairs and will cause your bills to steadily increase as it requires more fuel to run. This can be unacceptable for multiple reasons that we’ll get into, but the most important part of this is that homeowners should want their heaters to be in the best condition possible. Let’s talk about what efficiency means for your furnace and how you can reach that goal.

Noticing Inefficiency in Your Furnace

How can you tell if your system is running inefficiently? Well, below we’ve outlined some important ways you can pinpoint inefficiency while also keeping in mind that we’re always here to help if you’re not sure. Making sure a heater is in good condition is a team effort, between homeowners and their contractors, and we can be there quickly to perform a check-up on your heater when possible.

Dirty Air Filter

The first and most important factor to consider when you’re trying to understand the efficiency levels of your furnace is the air filter. A dirty air filter that hasn’t been changed in a while will decrease efficiency levels drastically, effectively stifling your furnace and stopping it from easily drawing in air from the return duct. The problem is that the only person who knows when the last time your air filter was changed is you! So, take a look and see if a filter change can increase the efficiency levels of your heater.

High Heating Bills

Now, before we touch on this topic, we don’t mean that your heating bills are high regardless of how efficient your system is. If you’ve got a large house that needs to be heated through a brutal winter, chances are your heating bills will be high regardless of efficiency. However, those heating bills could beĀ much worse if the system isn’t running efficiently. Compare your heating bills to the ones you paid last year and the year before that. If you notice a trend that your bills have steadily become unacceptable, this could be due to inefficiency. Call us today to have it addressed.


Noises usually signal more towards a repair need than inefficiency, but usually, they function hand in hand. If your furnace is noisy, with either a booming, whistling, or some other type of noise, there’s probably something wrong and your system is likely suffering in its efficiency levels. Having the issue addressed by a professional can be the easiest way to return efficiency levels back to normal and leave your home heated accordingly.

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