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Why is my air conditioner blowing warm air?


It has happened to most of us, and usually during a particularly hot and humid summer day. You’re uncomfortable and detect that your air conditioner is blowing warm, instead of cool, air!

Easy Resolutions

Often there is an easy fix to this common problem. Is your system set to heating instead of cooling mode? The first recommended step is to check your thermostat settings, which can easily get switched, especially during the changeover between seasons. It should be set to “cool” mode and the fan switched to the “auto” position. Make sure the temperature setting is below what the actual room temperature is.

Another common problem that’s easy to fix is a dirty air filter, which will restrict the flow of air over the cooling coils. Try removing the filter, and if that solves the problem, replace it promptly with a fresh one, or clean it if it’s the reusable type.

If these first two approaches don’t resolve the problem, take a look outside at the unit. Check that the air flow to the condenser coils is clear. Dirt or debris it could be blocking the vents. During summer months, when gardens and lawns are growing rapidly, it is a good idea to regularly clear away any growth that might be impeding air flow to the unit.

Professional Help Needed

Most other problems are more complicated and require professional service. Two common issues are refrigerant leaks and air duct leaks.

Refrigerant does not get used up, per se, as it is contained in a closed system. If you see ice on the inside or outside of your air conditioner, chances are you have a refrigerant leak. This needs to be found and fixed before more refrigerant is added. This is not a job for consumers, as it requires special tools that few homeowners own, and knowledge of special techniques. A heating, ventilating and air conditioning specialist has the tools and skills to do the job, however.

Another common culprit is leaks in the duct system. The ducts are located in basements and attics, between floors and ceilings, and inside walls. If they’re leaking, the cool air is being wasted inside these spaces. It might also increase the air pressure in these spaces and force dust into the ducts and from there into your living areas through the vents. So not only are you not cooling off, but you may also be making the home dirtier and breathing in dust and allergens. Again, the services of a professional HVAC technician are usually required to find and repair leaks in ductwork.

Ambient Comfort

The best way to ensure you stay cool this summer is to have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning system. Contact Ambient Comfort in Vineland, New Jersey, today to schedule maintenance, or call us at 856-213-6586 for repair or emergency cooling assistance. We provide emergency services in South Jersey.

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