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Don’t Ignore the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

technician working on outside unit of an air conditionerWhen was your last Gloucester County, NJ AC maintenance appointment? Have you ever scheduled maintenance? We get it—you might have a newer air conditioner. Or perhaps you’re a new homeowner and haven’t heard that this is a service that is required (versus being a “luxury” service) for one of your most expensive home appliance investments.

There are a couple of maintenance tasks you can, and should, do on your own when it comes to keeping your cooling system in good shape. But full, professional maintenance should definitely be handled by a trained and experienced HVAC technician, since we know how to handle any AC task that comes our way. This includes inspecting electrical connections and thoroughly cleaning the system—tasks that can be dangerous and cause injury in the wrong hands.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of AC maintenance.

The Many Ways Maintenance Benefits Your AC and You

As we stated above, many homeowners think this service is a “luxury” one, meaning a service they don’t actually have to get done every year. But skipping it even just once makes it more likely that you’ll skip it again in the future, and unintentionally ignore cumulative problems.

So before you dismiss the importance of air conditioning, or heating, maintenance, we urge to read below what exactly maintenance gives you.

  • A More Reliable HVAC System: This is probably the biggest benefit of annual air conditioning maintenance. You’ll have a cooling system that is a lot less likely to suffer major operational problems over the summer. Inspections located areas where strain on the system could lead to breakdowns. Thorough cleaning and adjusting further removes potential issues. When your AC system is well maintained, you can enter summer with the confidence that you probably won’t need to make any emergency repair calls. But, you’re reading this at the end of summer, so should you just wait until next year? Nope! If you did not have it done at the beginning of summer, it’s not too late to schedule it now.
  • A More Energy Efficient Cooling System: The buildup of wear and tear on your air conditioner creates stress on its components—in particular, the blower motor. This creates higher energy bills for you since the system will try to overcome the added strain. If your air conditioner has annual maintenance, however, it should retain 95% of its efficiency rating throughout its lifespan.
  • An Air Conditioner That Will Last Longer: Let’s talk a bit more about that lifespan. Most air conditioners, depending on their manufacturer and how well they’re cared for, will last 10-15 years before it should really be replaced. But this is only possible if the system undergoes routine professional maintenance. Annual inspections and tune-ups will help an AC system give you the best return on your initial investment in it by lasting as long as possible.
  • Fewer Repair Needs: Chances are, you’d rather not spend extra money you have to have your air conditioner repaired every year. The good news is, around 85% of those repairs that an air conditioner might need during its lifespan are preventable, thanks to maintenance inspections that catch problems early—which means huge savings in repair bills.

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