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Early Prep for Allergy Season

Allergies can get pretty bad in Longport, Margate City, and Somers Point. But allergies can also spring up incredibly fast, right after the last snow has melted, we might get inundated with large amounts of pollen. Nature is resilient, and those plants and trees are just waiting for the opportunity to send some pollen into the air.

For many, allergies can be downright debilitating. They can clog up our sinuses, be painful to our throats and noses, and they can even cause disruptions in our sleep schedules. The effects of these problems can be anywhere from a nuisance to life-altering in some cases, which is why we’re big proponents of systems that protect indoor air quality in Atlantic County.

Let’s talk about a few ways to protect your home from allergies this spring season, before it’s here in full swing.

Pollen and Other Large Contaminants

Pollen is a peculiar contaminant to deal with in the springtime. While it might seem tiny compared to other contaminants and pollutants in the air, most pollen spores are actually quite large. They can easily get caught in an air filter that’s protecting your home from contaminating materials.

Air filtration systems are designed to keep particles of a certain size out of a space. If you’ve ever been to a clean room, or a room at a hospital, you’ll notice that allergens just don’t get into those spaces. That’s because there’s a heavy-duty filter protecting them.

While most homes don’t need filters of that calibre, a standard home filter will still help with rooting out pollen so that it doesn’t cause you problems.

Don’t Forget About Biological Contaminants

A filtration system is not going to be able to handle microscopic biological contaminants, though. Contaminants like bacteria and viruses tend to be so small that they can float past even some of the best air filters in use at residential properties.

In the case of biological contaminants like bacteria or viruses, you’ll want to use an air purifier. More specifically—we recommend UV air purifiers as the way to go. These bright UV lights can irradiate germs as they pass over them, rendering them basically harmless.

Air Filtration Is the Way to Go!

If you’re looking to block out pollen and other large contaminants, then you can’t go wrong with an air filtration system. Even a regular, whole-house filter will be able to block out large pollen particles from the air before they reach your sinuses, giving you clarity and the functionality you deserve.

However, many homeowners also pair their air filtration systems up with an air purifier to do double duty. Both of these systems working together will help ensure that almost contaminants, from large particles to even the microscopic ones, will get into your air and contaminate your home. When you go outside, all bets are off, but at least you can protect your home’s air.

Keep your home as a sanctuary from contaminants like pollen. Contact Ambient Comfort for a new indoor air quality system today!

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