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Ambient Comfort’s Guide to HRV/ERV in New Jersey

HRV and ERV systems are quite interesting topics of conversation. When we mention their names, homeowners rarely know what they are or how they work. But when we talk about what they do, all of a sudden everyone wants an ERV or HRV machine. They provide a valuable service in your home that can’t be done by any other system.

HRV and ERV stand for heat recovery ventilator and energy recovery ventilator respectively. Heat recovery ventilators in Atlantic County are designed specifically to bring in fresh air as if you were opening a window in your home, except they heat the fresh air in a unique process known as counter-flow heat exchange which is energy efficient.

We’ll get into all of the details below. Keep in mind for any readers in Folsom, Linwood, or Margate City, that we’re offering a free UV light purifier with each ERV/HRV purchase. So now couldn’t be a better time to invest!

What’s the Point of an HRV/ERV System?

We could sell you a wide variety of air purification or filtration systems for your stuffy home, but the truth is that outdoor air is always going to be fresher and feel cleaner. If you’ve ever been on a long hike or went sight seeing in a national park, you’ll remember that good feeling from taking a deep breathe of fresh, clean outdoor air. There’s something that feels so refreshing about outdoor air. And the science backs this up by showing us that outdoor air is several times less polluted than our indoor air.

Well, HRV and ERV systems bring fresh air inside as if you opened a window. The difference they bring is that they can efficiently heat or cool the air that’s brought in so your HVAC system isn’t overloaded. This is done through the process of counter-flow heat exchange.

What Is Counter-Flow Heat Exchange?

You’ve got two types of air in an ERV or HRV system. There’s contaminated, stuffy air that’s conditioned or heated to your desired temperature. And there’s fresh, outdoor air that’s the outside temperature.

Counter-flow heat exchange is a process that extracts the heat or conditioning from your indoor air and transfers it in an exchange to the fresh, outdoor air. This ensures you get fresh air with 90% of the already produced heat of your stuffy air.

The Difference Between HRV and ERV

The only thing homeowners need to know in terms of how HRV and ERV systems function differently is the following:

  • HRV systems are concerned with transferring temperatures from stuffy indoor air to fresh, incoming air.
  • ERV systems work the exact same way as HRV units except they transfer humidity as well!

Improve Your Air Right Now!

As we mentioned above, we’re running a special deal for everyone in Atlantic County. If you purchase an ERV/HRV system from us, we’ll throw in a UV air purifier to top off your indoor air quality. With both of these systems set up, contaminants will have a hard time entering and staying in your home. It’s time to invest in your home’s air quality!

Contact Ambient Comfort to invest in the quality of your air.

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