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A Second Opinion Is Always Worth It

So, your favorite HVAC technician came to your home, gave a quick look over your heating system, and said that it was fine. While this would normally be enough, something is bothering you—it still makes strange noises at night and you’re getting a waft of foul odors coming from the vents. Did they thoroughly inspect the system as much as you would’ve liked?

This is a problem that occurs all too often in our industry, and it’s an unfortunate reality. Not every HVAC technician is going to be as thorough and inquisitive as us, and we hate when customers are stuck dealing with the other end of that.

So, we’re excited to offer a $79 furnace tune-up in Atlantic County with free second opinions on things like cracked heat exchangers and other issues that could be dangerous or problematic. You can always trust us to get the job done right.

The Point of a Second Opinion

It might seem a little redundant to get a second opinion in most cases—and we’d absolutely agree. If you like and trust your HVAC provider, then a second opinion is almost never necessary. But this is an industry full of amateurs and people who might think of themselves as professionals, but who lack the skills, experience, and even licensing to do basic work. This puts the customer in a tricky position.

Unfortunately, in the event that your HVAC technician isn’t well-trained or experienced enough to detect problems, you and your family could be the ones dealing with the aftermath. In most cases, that might be a broken-down heating system or higher utility bills on average. But sometimes it can get dangerous.

What’s at Stake

In the case of your heat exchanger, your entire family could be at stake when you ignore a problem that requires a second opinion.

The heat exchanger is a component in your gas furnace that separates the fresh, breathable air in your house from the air filled with fumes like carbon monoxide and smoke. The fumes are sent through the port exhaust while the breathable and warm air is dispersed through your air ducts where you can feel it. It’s pretty clear why a heat exchanger issue could turn into a major safety concern.

Even a small crack in the heat exchanger could lead to carbon monoxide seeping into your breathable air and endangering your family. This is not something you want to gamble with, and if you think that your rattling or shaking furnace has a cracked heat exchanger, then you should call our team for a second opinion.

Making the Switch

There are many reasons to switch HVAC providers—and you don’t have to commit one way or another. First, start with a second opinion on your heat exchanger if you’re worried about your home. We offer it free of charge. Then, if we detect anything wrong, we can work with you to ensure it gets fixed and your home stays safe and secure.

Schedule your free second opinion today by contacting the experts at Ambient Comfort.

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