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24/7 Emergency Service Available


Serving Southern New Jersey


Egg Harbor Township, NJ Heating & Air Conditioning Services

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Egg Harbor Township, NJ has a number of older homes, each with their own HVAC needs. But it also has new homes as well, featuring modern heaters and air conditioners designed to last for many years. You want the right HVAC system installed the right way, but you also need a service that can let you know which one works best for you, as well as whether your home will benefit from an indoor air quality product like a dehumidifier.

Ambient Comfort LLC can guide you through your Egg Harbor Township air conditioning and heating options with clarity and confidence, then install, maintain and repair your system so that you never need to worry about an uncomfortable home. Contact our team to discuss your options!

Heating Services in Egg Harbor Township

Our winters are long here in Egg Harbor Township, and the quality of your heating system is going to be the best weapon you have when battling against it. But most battles are won before they’re fought, which is why we believe in year round maintenance for your heater. That way, you know it’s ready to go when you first turn it on, and you’ll have a chance to stop serious problems before the winter temperatures arrive!

Furnace Services

When installing a gas or electric furnace, you need to make sure they are sized correctly. That’s not the physical size, but rather the power capacity the furnace has. Furnaces that are underpowered won’t heat you home properly, while overpowered furnaces will short cycle and wear down individual components before they should be. Balancing that size when you install the unit will save you a lot of trouble.

Boiler Repair & Installation

Boilers in our area traditionally used oil for fuel to heat the steam and conduct the heating process. But oil is expensive and wasteful, and if you’re still using it, you should seriously consider an oil-to-gas conversion. Natural gas is piped directly into your home, providing a safer, cleaner form of energy to depend on to keep your home warm in the winter.

Egg Harbor Township Air Conditioning Services

We have a lot of different homes here in Egg Harbor Township, which means that an air conditioner that works for one house may not work for another. Older houses and larger houses may require a ductless system, while those looking to saving on space would probably do best with a heat pump. Traditional centralized systems are still the most popular, but the options don’t end there. Trust Ambient Comfort LLC to help you find the best system for you, then install it can keep it maintained!

Ductless Air Conditioning & Heating

Ductless air conditioning systems differ in many ways form centralized systems, which can be a great boon to the right household. But they still operate on the same principles, and the same problems tend to befall them. The good news is that it usually only affects one unit, meaning that you can stay in other parts of the house and keep cool while the faulty unit is fixed!

Central AC Repair & Installation Services

With proper maintenance, a central air conditioning system can last for many years, but sooner or later, you’re going to need to have it replaced. If you need to make that determination, ask yourself first if the unit in more than 10 or 15 years old, and then whether it’s costing you more than its worth in either repair bills or high monthly cooling costs.

Check Heat Pumps Every Spring

Because we use heat pumps year around here, problems usually crop up when you least expect them, and when you need the system to function in either heating or cooling mode. We recommend getting your system serviced every spring. It’s the perfect time to shut the system off for an afternoon, with warming weather not yet hot enough to require the air conditioning.

New Thermostats Benefit from Proper Placement

A thermostat only works as it should when it can accurately read the temperature in your home. Its exact placement can affect that tremendously. A room sharing a wall with the outside may feel scolder than the rest of the house, for instances, or excessive sunlight may make the thermostat record a higher temperature than it should. When installing a new thermostat, make sure your technician finds the optimal place for placement.

Get the Right Indoor Air Quality System

There’s a wide variety of indoor air quality systems available here in Egg Harbor Township, and you may not know which one is right for you. Many are built to handle specific problems, like high humidity or germs, but some can be applied to multiple issues. The one that works best for you is dependent upon your unique needs, which means you should contact a qualified service to discuss your different indoor air quality options and help determine which one is right for you!

Stop Static Electricity with Whole Home Humidifiers

Among the many issues created by low humidity in the winter, there’s the case of static electricity, which can be a supreme nuisances. No one likes to deal with those painful shocks, and in some cases, it has even been known to damage electronic equipment.

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers Do the Work Your Air Conditioner Shouldn’t

Lowering the temperature in the air is a good way to reduce the humidity levels as well, since it coalesces the moisture in the air into droplets. That makes your air conditioner a dehumidifier by default, though doing so puts a lot of unnecessary strain on it. Installing a whole-home humidifier means lowering that strain, and reducing the chances of a breakdown to boot.

Look to Air Purifiers for Relief for Asthma Sufferers

Egg Harbor Township has its share of residents who suffer from asthma and similar conditions. Unfortunately, our local pollen count can often make things difficult for them, as can dust, pet dander and other contaminants that circulate through the air in your home. An air purifier placed in your home can make an excellent first line of defense against such difficulties: leaving your air cleaner and healthier as a result!

Make Commercial HVAC Repairs on Your Timetable

Repairs to your commercial HVAC system are no laughing matter, as most business owners and office managers know. The longer you delay, the more it can disrupt your business, and yet shutting operations down while the technician makes repairs may not be acceptable either. That’s why you need a service that can respond quickly and perform repairs after hours. That keeps the problem from getting out of hand and ensures that your operation can keep moving no matter what may be troubling your system!

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Need to Handle Larger Loads

Installing and maintaining commercial air conditioning systems can be a surprisingly complex matter: taking into account body heat generated by hundreds of occupants, for instance, or the needs of product as well as personnel. That’s why you need a service with experience in commercial systems, who understand the unique needs of your business and can set up a system that matches them.